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Murder by Death 1 week ago
There's a certain symmetry about a horror novel lurking in the basement. :)
Bark's Book Reviews 1 week ago
Haha, truth.
LOVE this post!
Bark's Book Reviews 1 week ago
Thanks, Char :) I wanted to give people a better idea about what we were doing and that it wasn't just us posting a picture to post a picture. It's actually a bit of work. I don't think I was very clear in my first post. I'm not going to bombard BL with these but did want to get the word out in case someone was interested.
Very cool! I love it- don’t have twitter or Instagram so I appreciate this post. I really enjoyed The Wager too.
Bark's Book Reviews 7 days ago
Thanks! I need to get that book read. Along with hundreds of others!