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I hope the two of you have a super-relaxed, wonderful weekend that'll make you forget the entire past week really quickly.

Love the sparkly skeleton jack-o-lantern.
Bark at the Ghouls 1 month ago
Thanks so much! I hope your weekend is relaxing as well.
BrokenTune 1 month ago
Aww. look at that cute little feller.
How long did the ornament stay on the table?
Bark at the Ghouls 1 month ago
5 seconds after the pic snapped I had to make a grab for my skeleton before he was history. That book ol' paw went to work.
Char's Horror Corner 1 month ago
Patrick, you handsome boy, you!
Hope your weekend is calm and relaxed, my friend. :)
Bark at the Ghouls 1 month ago
Thanks, Char. I hope the same for you as well.
He really has perfected that 'butter wouldn't melt' expression hasn't he?
Bark at the Ghouls 4 weeks ago
Haha, yes he has.