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I remember this book. Its one of the reasons why I gave up on this series. Richard drove me nuts with his asshole-ness plus I was over how many men she had in her life. It was just becoming ridiculous.
Bitchie's Books 9 years ago
If the number of men that long ago was ridiculous, you REALLY don't want to read any further. Gawd it was bad when I finally gave up on this series. I miss the old school series though.
Bahaha I'm impressed that there could be even more men!
Bark at the Ghouls 9 years ago
It's all so sad. I really liked Richard for a bit there.
A Voracious Reader 9 years ago
Books 1-9 are the reason I went through a stage of wanting to be Anita. Books 10+ have me wanting to write fanfic about Anita and doing what should have been done before LKH's no edit clause.