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Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
I don't want to remove my data because I've spent over a decade creating it. I've worked hard to maintain a spot in the 1000ish ranking of reviewers which isn't a big deal to most people but it means something to me. And despite all of the shit comments I receive many people have thanked me for my honesty when reviewing products because it helped them make a decision. I don't just review books on Amazon. I review all kinds of stuff and I would lose years of work. If they do this I will have to delete my account because of all off the nutters out there. If I didn't have kids I wouldn't care as much. Also I don't want to be left with nothing but garbage because there are some decent reviewers on Amazon who review things other than books and I count on them when I'm considering a purchase..
Ultramarine 8 years ago
I don't understand your point of view. For once I use review A LOT to determine if I want to read a book or not, so if I actually KNOW the reviewer (meaning - met them for coffee a few times in real life..) or if I've read other review by that person (meaning - I know their style, interests) it doesn't matter to me. Internet is information, that's what we use it for. Yeah, I get why you are annoyed they are using your real name, but if only the amazon website is the problem (I think most of us use GR more which means you can call yourself - whatever!).

The other thing is about the virtual world. I know what you mean about people disappearing since I do that a lot. I participate in some forum, get bored with it and move on. That's life.. but the people I actually got in touch with in the virtual world are now my best friends. Granted they are all from my country. BUT even if we don't hang virtually in the same places we kept in touch, we are friends. Yeah, I have virtual friends I haven't met and disappeared on me for I guess a horde of reasons but it doesn't diminish the effect the virtual world have on us. or could have on us.

and about suing you for writing a bad review. I honestly don't understand how someone could do it. if you read something and write your opinion on it, that's your opinion and that's it. well, if you say the author is a raving lunatic or something really offensive that is considered harming a person reputation then I don't see the case here anyway.. and by reputation I mean saying he was/should be mentally institutionalized, saying he has mental problems or referring to other things that consider to harm public opinion of the person. I'm not from the US, I live in a small country far far away, and that's the law here. It makes no sense to make the law forbid you to write your opinion because when you think about it, all journalism does is that. They respond to something that happened or they read about. Bloggers in a way are the same. if you write your OPINION and not just curse around and offend the writer but write exactly what you find horrible in his book then it's your opinion and that's it.

I, myself, hate writing bad reviews but I sometimes do. and when I do, I express what was "wrong" in my eyes. and as I've come to realize a long time ago, if I think that - it doesn't mean others would. so stick to being polite and acknowledging that it's just you who thinks that and what's the problem?