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Familiar Diversions 8 years ago
That's why I only read a tiny bit of Captive Prince on the website before buying a copy of the first book - it was worth the money to have something I could more comfortably read.
SilverThistle 8 years ago
Ditto on the nope. My eyesight wouldn't have stood for it, for one thing. I like to read lounging about too which isn't that easy on my laptop. Even if it was on my kindle I wouldn't read online, I hate when the page is bigger than the screen and all the faffing about trying to move it around to see all the page.

Familiar Diversions 8 years ago
" I hate when the page is bigger than the screen and all the faffing about trying to move it around to see all the page."

Yes, this. If one page fit on the screen, it might be a different matter, but otherwise, no. It also doesn't work for me when it's one very long scrolling document - no way to bookmark my stopping points.

I have been spoiled by the ability to take notes in my e-books and have my e-reader/e-reader app remember where I last stopped. I like those things and don't get them if I'm reading something in a browser.
nospin 8 years ago
Between The Lines 8 years ago
Nope for me too. I can’t think of a more uncomfortable way to read
Tackling Mt. TBR 8 years ago
I would if it was really good and I couldn't buy it. It doesn't really bother my eyes to read on the computer for long periods of time thankfully. During my fanfic days I read from the computer all the time.
willaful 8 years ago
I did once or twice in my pre-ereader days. It would have to be a really great opportunity to get me to do it now.
8 years ago
Ummm, no. :)
KindleRomance 8 years ago
Not at all. I will use software to put it in a format that I can read on my ereader.
I have converted it to ebook if you want. By the way, I love seeing that cover popping up here and there... cos I made it. Hehehehehe
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Nice work. It's really eye-catching. I saw it in my GR feed one day and had to take a peek.
Thanks. And I love seeing those book covers I made for online fics popping up here and there. Hehe... it's kinda fun.
Here's the converted MOBI file if you want:

By the way, I haven't read this yet. Too many books on my TBR.

I don't like reading fictions online too. Too painful for my eyes to do so. I usually would convert it into ebook formats for ease of reading.
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Thanks so much now I can finally finish it and find out if they manage to kill each other by the end :)
You are most welcome. Just nudge me if you want anything else. If I have it converted, I don't mind sharing the file :)