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The Surly Dragon 8 years ago
It isn't GR with me, it is FaceBook. I've had over ten folks that appear to be indie authors try to friend me since yesterday...
I have a question on my GR profile for anyone who wants to friend me. No answer means no approval. And I check out every profile before approving a request with answer. Anyone who genuinely wants to connect with you will provide an answer.
Lornographic Material 8 years ago
After they put me on their BBB list the following on my blog and here on Booklikes went through the roof. I figured it was simply them trying to keep tabs on me.
Who are the real bullies?
I've noticed that, too. On gr it was mostly people who didn't support that site and supported me by sending a FR.
Thank you for reminding me that it was time for my bi-monthly BL follower purge.
8 years ago
I have a challenge question on GR that says almost exactly that, Grim. From where do I know you?
I have not noticed an increase in friend requests. Maybe a small amount over the last few weeks.
I noticed when they would focus on me, I got more FRs from legitimate reviewers.
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
I just put up a question. Maybe it will help me figure out where these people are finding me or turn away those that really don't want to "be my friend".
willaful 8 years ago
Not rude at all. But I have heard that friend requests from mobile phones don't include the question, so I no longer automatically discount anyone who doesn't answer.
8 years ago
I didn't know that, Willaful.
BUGGY 8 years ago
I ask that exact question and have for years now. I did it because I was curious and get some fun responses. What I have noticed is that anyone who has had a book published or calls themselves an author doesn't have to answer the question for some reason.

I've had a ton of requests on GR's over the last couple of days too and for some reason seem to have amassed about 50 more followers here too??? Weird
I tried friending you on GR but your challenge is set to provide a specific answer, which I don't have. :(