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I push, because I know I'll never get them written. I have snarky review to write, didn't feel like doing it, so I'm gonna reread the book and write the review probably tomorrow. It'll never get done otherwise because I put it off too long and forget the book -_-
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
I'm the same way too. I can't wait and let it brew like a lot of people say they do because I'll forget the book. I take notes which helps but if I wait too long even the notes won't help me.
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
I'm using injured hand as an excuse to put off most; but, that's unusual for me (and really more about mood than my injury). If it was a really good book, I usually do have to savor it a bit and let it simmer a while before I can compose a review expressing my reading experience but usually within a couple of days it gets written. Lesser reads I can usually whip out within the hour. I never devote too much time to horrible reads unless a rant comes on so those are pretty instantaneous.

This year, I have lost a lot of my reviewing mojo. I know that started with goodreads decline. And I certainly have no desire to review authors who consider being reviewed being bullied -- so
I have to do a bit of author research before I post even if I get them written.
Jessica (HDB) 8 years ago
I usually open a draft, type a bit of random thoughts, then close it and come back to it later :). That way when I'm more in the mood the basis is already there!
I feel your pain, B&B. Procrastination is a major problem for me, and this is across the board, from writing reviews to writing papers for class.

Sometimes I try to shut my brain off and just push through, writing drafts of reviews here on BL. The drafts are just notes or incoherent brainstorming. Then I let it percolate for a bit before I come back to it. Sometimes that helps, but sometimes I just end up moving on to another book which sucks because then I feel guilty about it (and moving on to another book happens more often than not). I'm thinking of trying a new strategy of writing the review as I read the book. That might help.
Debbie's Spurts 8 years ago
I do try to write a review in progress for anthologies. That is, review each story in a section of the review as I finish it.
That's a really great approach, Debbie. I think writing as you read helps keep you in the moment and motivated to talk about that specific book, if that makes sense? Do you find that to be true, Debbie?

Another thing I've seen some of the guys do here, which might help you, B&B, is to create a post where you feature several books you just read instead of doing just one long review for each. Basically, you just write 3 or 4 sentences for each book in one post. That might help take the pressure off doing one long review, and maybe even help get the creative juices flowing.

You could also maybe listen to music, especially something that reminds you of certain characters or scenes from the book you just read. That might help. :)
Familiar Diversions 8 years ago
I try to get at least one review done per weekend, more if I'm behind. However, pushing myself to write a review when I can't think of anything to write never seems to work. I just end up more guilt-ridden and even less interested in writing that review.
A Voracious Reader 8 years ago
I do this *all the time*. lol What helps me get going is having a tab open to Goodreads with the synopsis as well as having the book handy then I have a Word document open and just start with my own version of the synopsis. If I can get that done the rest usually follows. Sometimes, when that doesn't get me going, I just type things randomly about the book, anything that comes to mind, and eventually the review starts flowing.
Bark at the Ghouls 8 years ago
Thanks for the advice everyone.It's really interesting to hear how all of you deal with this review writing procrastination problem. I'm going to buckle down and try to write a bit and see how it goes. I get in these moods where I just want to read and write "I loved it." or "It was meh". I might just go in with the mindset of writing a really short, concise review and see if this helps. I always feel like I have to justify my rating and have had comments about some of my reviews being too plot heavy and I think that's stalling me. It's hard to review a book and say almost nothing about the plot. I'd like to find a balance between the two and that's tough for me.