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Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
So cute! And ewww!
7 years ago
Too cute!
Awww! So cute!

Kitty, kitty, kitty! Yay! He looks so soft.

And that's what Dean thinks about my parents bed. Which is why their door is most often closed...
7 years ago
What a sweet face!
RedT Reads Randomly 7 years ago
Bad precedent when they think the litterbox is the bed. We had a fluffy cat (Ted) just like this with the same problem. So cute, but . . .

Henry is adorable. I have my fingers crossed that he gets it figured out.
Kitty Horror 7 years ago
He is absolutely adorable.
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
That's how we ended up with four :)