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Scarlet's Web 7 years ago
Lol I'm in Scotland, it rains so much here it's called liquid sunshine instead.
SilverThistle 7 years ago
Portable Magic 7 years ago
After five years of drought, I don't complain about the rain even if it comes with tornadoes and hail. A nice little rain that gives me an excuse to stay in and read would be heaven!
I'm in Portugal and even here, supposedly tomorrow is going to rain! lol
I don't mind, my garden appreciates it :)
TeaStitchRead 7 years ago
I live in England. If I get excited every time it may rain or is raining, my heart would wear out before I could open a book.
Kitty Horror 7 years ago
I'm living in OZ at the moment and I miss Scottish weather. ;)
Sarah's Library 7 years ago
Where in Australia? I'm in Melbourne, and we've had a few short years out of the 15-20 year drought, but it seems to be coming back again. At the end of each month the local news gives us the statistics on the past month of weather - overall average and more recently - and every month this year we've been wayyyy below the average on rainfall and some degrees above the average high temperatures. The idea of going back into drought again is scary, and we don't even own livestock or anything that relies on the rain for its livelihood.
Kitty Horror 7 years ago
:) I'm in Melbourne too.
Mammarella 7 years ago
It's supposed to rain here and the kiddies are having a playdate somewhere else and I am looking forward to finish absolutely magical "Goblins" by Melanie Tushmore =)

But besides that - I loooove rain! :)
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
Wow, you guys are scattered all over the place! It actually turned out be a sunny weekend. We only hit one torrential downpour when I decided to get groceries (naturally) and I only got a few chapters read. Ah well, there's always hope for rain this weekend ;)
Bark at the Ghouls 7 years ago
Now that's a much better plan actually.
Mammarella 7 years ago
Ah.... I feel so ordinary - lol
MA here.