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Was a very good TV show, Prohibition. (Not quite first-class, like The Roosevelts, but damned good.)
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
I couldn't watch all of the Roosevelts (time thing, I'll catch it all later), but I agree. Also it made me wild to go read more of Eleanor's writing, which (as I say so often) is on my TBR. I don't think we've had another first lady that's been as much of a writer as she was - but then, I also can't remember whether many first ladies had regular writings in newspapers. (I'm thinking no?)

I think the only reason I liked Prohibition a bit better was that it was a broad cultural issue, and you can always pull in more people and topics with those. Makes it a harder documentary to organize though.
Off-hand, I'd have to say 'no' on the regular newspaper column, yes.
Reflections 7 years ago
Couldn't resist the flapper book--thanks!
Yeah, I got it as well.