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Chris' Fish Place 6 years ago
I have Midnight Assasin on Kindle (it was on sale a year ago). Perhaps a loan?
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
Argh, I missed it then! Must go see what my email price alert is. I would take you up on that loan - but I just looked at how many books I just bought in the last month and no no, best not risk it.
(Even though I'm totally playing hookey from my TBR ebooks to read at Open Library. I apparently can not say no to any book!)

Oh but did you review it???

Also I'm saying no to the loan prior to reading Glaspells articles, which may change my mind!
Chris' Fish Place 6 years ago
Haven't read it yet. You know how those piles just spawn. The loan offer will always stand.
Krazykiwi @ Kiwitopia 6 years ago
You always find the most fascinating things.

Interesting you mention the newspapers thing, I was surprised to find this true in Sweden as well: The regulations on reporting strongly emphasise balance, and providing both sides of the story, and most papers tend to do quite well at those but they often take a decidedly political bent in the editorial columns. They even publish what that position is, for instance Svenska Dagbladet, one of the big daily national newspapers says "är på ledarplats obunden moderat. På övriga sidor finns ingen politisk tendens." == "in editorial space is unaffiliated moderate. On other pages, there are no political tendencies", while the Expressen tabloid says "Expressen är liberal." (I probably don't need to translate that one.) I could go on, but after a half hour of looking, I didn't yet find a newspaper who didn't clearly state their political leanings, to the point I suspect it's actually required.

Coming from New Zealand, the very idea is quite shocking, yet I somehow like it better than the weasel-worded hidden agenda typical to many of the newspapers I grew up on.

And I'm glad Elkins got a happy ending. So tempted to go read the Glaspsell book, but I'm supposed to be writing, not doodling around on the internet or reading!