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It's like the kid in the candystore over there for me; I have to be careful. (And I'm still late on some stuff.)
A Voracious Reader 6 years ago
Seems like a legit reason for joining to me. :) If you can find the will power, just don't request a new book until you read the one you have. Of course, that is *so* much easier to say than do. *says the person with over a 100 books there*
Or try to see what kind of release dates they have, and not go for too many too close together.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
I am approved for the book - I am also starting out trying to be good - am only going to sign up for one book at a time. (Ok, there, I've got that stated in print and everything. Will see how long that lasts... Because I can totally see me like Voracious Reader with a really loooong list!)
Welcome to the addiction !
6 years ago
Soon you'll be auto approved by a few publishers and discover the Read Now books, which is ironically where I found the only really good fiction book I've had from Netgalley so far. Just have to get past the 'free books' approach and think in terms of 'review promises' to keep yourself selective.
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
Can't wait to hear how your experiment begins! I've been going back and forth on the Netgalley idea for awhile. I'm afraid of not only having tons of books to read but also not reading my growing pile of TBRs at all. Hope you enjoy the book and the experience.