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Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
I can't watch any of them older than the Baker ones - I've tried but the pace is just too slow for me. (And I used to study old tv, so I've watched a bit of the super old/slow content - but there's only so much I can intake.) I think I can rewatch the Baker era only because 1) nostalgia for first one I watched and 2) bad monster suits. I have to admit, this is a particular kind of show I like to watch while surfing the net during the bits that drag. I'm that way with some of the really slow MST movies too. I need to try more of the post Baker Doctors of the 80s and 90s - I only caught bits on those on PBS eons ago.
You need to watch The Green Death (it's a Pertwee one). Apparently the maggots were condoms filled with water.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
omg I MUST watch that one!!!!
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
Hahaha! I'm going to have to tell my brother that. He'll be so happy to learn...
Our PBS station in the 80s/early 90s showed the complete run of Tom Baker at least 5 or 6 times, and Pertwee/Davison about 3. Colin Baker I think once. I did see some Troughton and McCoy serials, but either on UNC-TV (McCoy), or Charlotte's independent PBS station (Troughton), rather than SCETV, as it didn't run either. (Troughton due to the episode survival thing. Not sure of reason on McCoy. But a lot of PBS stations didn't run McCoy episodes, I think.)

The Green Death is one of my favorite Pertwees. Green luminous condoms! (My first Doctor, Pertwee. My first episode was the introduction of The Master: Terror of the Autons. 1971, but seen by me in ... '74, I think. Dr. Who had just hit some US stations.)

Of the "classic" Doctors: I haven't seen enough of Hartnell to have an opinion. I am a fan of Troughton, Pertwee, and Tom Baker. Peter Davison presided over an era of such wasted opportunities. HATE Colin Baker. McCoy is very good.

I can still watch them because I grew up on them, I think. Also, love for wonky special effects.
Literary Ames 6 years ago
I LOVED Red Dwarf!
BrokenTune 6 years ago
Ahh, Red Dwarf! :)