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Spare Ammo 6 years ago

Half past nine- high time for supper;

'Cocoa, love?' 'Of course, my dear.'

Helen thinks it quite delicious,

John prefers it now to beer.

Knocking back the sepia potion,

Hubby winks, says, ‘Who’s for bed?’

'Shan't be long,' says Helen softly,

Cheeks a faintly flushing red.

For they’ve stumbled on the secret

Of a love that never wanes,

Rapt beneath the tumbled bedclothes,

Cocoa coursing through their veins.

-Stanley J. Sharpless
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
Aw, now that's a great cocoa quote!
Spare Ammo 6 years ago
Gonna give that cup of cocoa an extra bit of spice.
Olga Godim 6 years ago
I love coffee. I actually read somewhere that in moderation it's very good for your health. Tea is good too, but I can't drink tea - I'm allergic. So coffee is my my drink. No cocoa either - I'm allergic to chocolate. :(
I drink tea, and occasionally sugar-free cocoa; unfortunately the way I like coffee has far, far too much cream and sugar.