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I have one but only use it when hiking/mountaineering.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
For some reason I have this idea that I'll either look sinister or that I need to buy a Zorro hat to go with it. (I once owned a Zorro hat too!) I can't decide which thought is sillier. But what's *really* going to feel silly is when when I'm walking along in 15 degree weather and the wind hits me and I'll know this was the reasoning I had for not getting the balaclava. And it's much better looking than a ski mask too.

I do have a secret weapon:
These are supposed to be for aches/pain and work well for that - but they are looooovely as hand warmers. They can actually get you too warm though, so use with care. (I tried the microwavable handwarmers. The ones I had didn't last long enough.)
I saw bathing suits in target yesterday ?!?!??!?! That mask is a bit creepy but you could get away with so much. LOL
I tried the scarf route for a while but had a "To hell with this" moment when I had to walk around campus and got a ski mask. Get the balaclava, you will not regret it.

*Any urges to rob banks are purely coincidental.