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I feel you. I want a real winter! I was in Illinois for Thanksgiving and it was 50 something degrees for two days. In late November??
OstensiblyA 5 years ago
Yeah, it's been in the upper 60s the last few days. It's NOT okay that it's mid-December and damn near 70. I want winter.
Crazy warm temperatures here in Boston. Not that I'm complaining. It means the "when are we moving to the Carolinas" whining I'm normally hearing about now has been delayed.
5 years ago
Agreed. It is unseasonably warm in Boston AND the daily temperature swings haven't been more than 10 degrees, which is also unusual. Upper 40s overnight to mid-50s during the day.
MN, too. I haven't even wore gloves yet this winter! Crazy.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 5 years ago
Oh good, it's not just me!
Extra humor: there was a sale and I just bought some extra sweaters and some new gloves. When it was 70 outside. Because it MIGHT just get cold again and I don't have many sweaters. So I may have just guaranteed that it won't get cold again?
I'm in Texas too and yes it is weird ! It was 76 this morning 6:30am here now it is 53 outside at 1 pm and cooling fast. WTH ? it was 35 a couple weeks ago then 80 and now this ? Fastest change of seasons ever
Carpe Librum 5 years ago
I live in southern Michigan. We had 6 inches of snow 2 weeks ago, but it's 64 out today.
I live in South Carolina. It's currently 71. Our low last night was about 60 (our expected daytime high this time of year!). My father played a full round of golf yesterday, because it was 75 and sunny. This is a very warm December, even for us. (Last two winters have been cold, however, at least "cold for us.")
Reflections 5 years ago
I live in Maryland just outside Washington DC and not only was it 70 degrees outside, there were bees buzzing around the flowers I still have blooming--definitely not a typical December.
Olga Godim 5 years ago
Vancouver, Canada. We have an average December, maybe a bit warmer than usual but not by much: around +5 C. I don't know the Fahrenheit number, but I still need a warm coat and my woolen scarf and hat when I go out. And I want my gloves on.
That's about 40 F, Olga.