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Interesting questions on this one. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow.
Chris' Fish Place 2 years ago
#34, almost spit up my beer.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
II like this one. I'm leery of the identify theft possible ones too -- but also the "tell us how to use you better as a marketing target" ones.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 2 years ago
Oh GOOD, someone else! It's not the oddity of not loving cheesecake - it's the response that it's because you haven't tried the right one! (And they will cook one and bring it to you!) I think this is maybe just an American thing? Probably not regional though, because I've bumped into this everywhere I've lived - north, south, western states. Also it messes with my politeness response, in which I will actually try almost anything in order to be a polite guest. Which can get you into trouble.
I never get cheesecake out, never have. I have a very good recipe I learned to make at 8 (I could do it by myself at 10). These days I just say, "I'm afraid my doctor won't let me eat any; it looks delicious and I hope you enjoy every bite of it." (I don't push mine on anyone. Don't make it much; it's incredibly rich, even made with a sugar substitute.)

Cheesecake Factory just opened here and you'd think it was a major event in the history of this town. I seriously do not get it.
That's what they do with pecan pies down this way, Batgrl! You go "I don't like pecan pies; they're all too sweet." And they say "You haven't tried mine!" And they bring it to you and yeah, it's too sweet.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 2 years ago
omg I have heard someone say that about pecan pies too! I hated them as a kid, and eventually did get used to them - am not wild about how gooey some are, and yes, hyper sweet. Then again, the US south does sweet tea of an intensity of sweetness that is kind of amazing.

Also I think I should start using medical reasons now - I mean, I actually could legit use that, just not exactly about cheesecake. Hey, I realize I have a polite lie I can use! Seriously, elderly ladies pressing me with a dessert = I can not say no, I am so easily self-guilted. (I blame my southern family, politeness=religion with them.)
I am really polite while firmly saying no. It helps that some sweet things I like that my friends offer me, I can have a small corner of, or a small piece of, without it being too ridiculous for me to justify to myself. But some things: yeah, I look at them and the sugars are unknown but clearly over the moon, so I regretfully decline. (Sometimes less regretfully than others, of course.)

I drink sweet tea, but either stuff I make (it's sweet, but non-sugar sweetened and I don't put an ocean of it in - it's not nearly as sweet as what my stepmother, originally from Alabama, makes), or I get "unsweet" (a coinage that makes my mother shudder) when out at restaurants, and sweeten it myself at the table. (Luckily non-sugar sweetening packets now come in several varieties and are very common dining out.) This is handy because my preference when dining out is Diet Coke, which they don't always have. In the south, they will *always* have tea on the menu.