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Sarah's Library 8 years ago
I use a website called bookbub for the same reason. About 1/3 of the books are free (except for the $0.03 I'm charged for being Australian), most of the books are $0.99 and occasionally they're $1.99 or more; they send an email every day
. It's a really good deal, until you find yourself buying 20 ebooks a day (I will probably never read all the new ebooks I've acquired in the last month).
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 8 years ago
Boy EVERYTHING I read about how much Aussies are charged for book buying and video game buying makes me think that is wildly unfair on you folk. Then again, ebook prices seem wacky internationally too. And I am totally checking out bookbub. (I have SUCH a weakness for any book sale!)
Sarah's Library 8 years ago
I don't buy clothes unless absolutely necessary, I'm even less interested in shoes, I don't drink or smoke, I buy books at book sales (mostly at my local library's never ending book sale where most paperbacks are $1 and hardcovers are $5). I CANNOT go past a book that is on sale without investigating it to see whether it's one I would want. I haven't read most of the ebooks or physical books yet, but I can't stop buying more. I think I might be addicted to book sales.
Reflections 8 years ago
Thanks for this!