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Bookworm Blurbs 11 years ago
Totally agree with you on the whole hiding secrets thing - it's overdone and played out, and always SO predictable. Even so, I also enjoyed the book! Also, I think the "official" tag we're using is "duchess war read 2013," which you've already included :)
Abandoned by user 11 years ago
I agree with all of this, although I really loved this book! I, too, get annoyed about the whole lack of communication trope.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 11 years ago
The reason I like Milan is that even though I hated that whole secret thing? She completely reeled me back in by making it a moment for Minnie to step in and explain it to Robert. That worked for me. It didn't make me actually like the secrets thing - but it was framed in a way that worked. If it hadn't been for that secret thing I'd totally give this high stars, because I really liked all the rest.
Abandoned by user 11 years ago
It makes me want to read the others in the series. Plus, she keeps her prices so low! I can basically buy the whole series so far for less than alot of writers/publishers price a single book! And, they are well written and beautifully edited! Total win!
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 11 years ago
She really rocks with low prices - if you keep an eye on her books she often has the shorter ones extremely low, sometimes free. I think I've bought most of her books thanks to various sales.
Marianna 11 years ago
I thought the same thing about him not asking Minnie to help him with the trial. He SAID he wanted a partner who is brilliant at strategy and such but in time of need it doesn't even occur to him that Minnie could contribute.
Despite that, I enjoyed this book enough to give it five stars. :)