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The one about Marie-Antoinette's hairdresser looks good :)
I may not be able to resist that one.
I bought it too because of you :) And that's after my latest kobo shopping binge (you know kobo has 50, 75 and 85 percent discounts on all books, right?)
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
The hairdresser one is a complete unknown for me - but I totally got sucked in by the idea and the blurb! I really hope it's good!

I didn't know that about kobo - I'm already invested in kindle, so I'm amazon for the moment - or until I upgrade my ereader anyway!
I crack DRM and convert books as it suits me so the reader doesn't matter to me. That's why I buy everywhere I see a discount :)
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
That's what I plan for the future - for the moment I'm using a kindle - so it's one of those "til this device breaks" things. I'd not be surprised if, when I upgrade in a year or so, everything is crackable. (And I will be SO pleased. I'm not a fan of "only works on X device" media.)