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bookaneer 7 years ago
Interesting. Maybe it's spending too much time looking at a terminal screen, but I find the bundled pretty easy to read.
Did you end up getting a theme & blockquotes setup for your own blog that you like?
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
I like the first two best. The quotes draw your eyes, as they should, and are very readable. The background color on the first one can be problematic though. Would be nice to be able to tweak that.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
Update here on my blog:

Plus the designer posted two comments on that discussion thread, with more info! I'm still amazed at how fast she got the question and fixed everything - I was expecting this to take a long time.

(My attempts at tweaking the CSS were...not pretty. Also I didn't mess with it for long enough, CSS has always frustrated me. I really need to start from the beginning to build something - this isn't the first time I've tried to work with something already existing - I think that makes it harder.)

So now I have a new and fun decision - I like both Bundled and Custom Colors, and now I'll have to choose one. I may give up and just switch back and forth monthly or something. Currently I'm using Custom Colors.