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Sock Poppet at Play 7 years ago
Re: Your Firefox comment.

I finally had to ditch Firefox. I loved the browser, but it kept freezing on me. I went to Opera, which is so much better. It freezes if I have too many tabs open, but it doesn't freeze every time I open a site with a video or lots of pictures.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 7 years ago
It also uses a huge amount of memory when it runs - well, on my computer anyway. Probably something to do with the vast amount of tabs I keep open. But I'll be using Chrome more now - especially for BL stuff, since everything worked fine in there. I'm sort of stuck keeping up with Firefox - one of my parents loves it (translation: hates to change to anything else) and I try and make a point of using it just because I end up doing over-the-phone computer help for all the software they use (I know so many people who do this for their parents we should form a club).