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Mammarella 7 years ago
Mary is a love/hate for me. I love her characters, but I hate all the family gatherings with a passion. I love Jory, but I hate every other character she molds after him. I love action in her books, but I hate sugar she pours on top of it....

Yet I am a huge sucker for her books. Still kicking myself for missing the first DSP's giveaway, which was a Mary Calms's book.
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
Mary is crack, end of story. I'm sure if I thought about it, I'd feel pretty much the same but I find it so easy to just read her books and go with the flow and then I just end up feeling good and smiling. So I figure what the hell and I just dive in and enjoy. We all deserve a guilty pleasure or two and Mary Calmes books are totally at the top of my guilty pleasures list ;-)