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Maybe it's time for another author?
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
Totally I've moved on to someone else and hopefully things will work out better. So far I'm enjoying the book more. I read this one mainly because it was short and I just wanted to clear it off my e-reader. It would have been nice if I'd enjoyed it more and I went into it thinking it was going to be a better story it actually started out as a better story and then everything just sort of collapsed it almost felt like the author ran out of steam on it. I think for now if I want to read this author I'll stick to her older stuff that I know I liked.
Fair enough. Loved Remender's Uncanny X-Force way more than Uncanny Avengers, so I get ya: authors do other things and you won't necessarily like them as much.

Heh. I'm sticking to the newer Marvel stuff and it's been moistly four or five star books for me!
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
That's awesome. I think too it's more disappointing when it's an author that you anticipate as being a good read and just fails.
Yup. I mean, I still liked Uncanny Avengers, it was just so different. And it worked better as a reread for me since I wasn't expecting Uncanny X-Force part deux.

I'm glad you've moved onto something that you're enjoying more, at least so far.
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
So far so good. This is darker more angst but I don't have issues with that as long as the story is good and so far it's interesting. Although I already can't stand one of the MCs he's proving to be a bit of a douchebag but I can even deal with that as long as again it's well done.
Good to hear. Eager to see your next review, as I hope it's a higher star rating/better read for you!
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
Me too...crosses fingers.