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RedT Reads Randomly 6 years ago
In response to your request for a show of hands: NO. For all the reasons you mentioned, not even to account for the fact that my mind would not even have time for that reaction right now. It seems like one should be planning security strategies right now.
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
Right? Honestly a bucket of ice water couldn't have been more effective than the whole parents and small children throw in a crazy want to kill you psycho and sex doesn't even hit my radar.
Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
Ummm, I'd have to say NO, hell no, as well.
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
I know. I was going along not to bad with the story until this point and then credibility went down the tubes.
Even without the peril - I find people in books screaming during sex when others can hear them improbable and annoying. I think it is supposed to prove that they are so overwhelmed with passion that they just can't help themselves, but I am generally not convinced.
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
I agree but honestly your parents and your kids are within hearing distance? Seriously forget being overwhelmed I don't even think I could get in the mood.