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...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
I don't think it's classed as young adult but there really wasn't any on page detailed sex. There is a definite relationship between the MC's and the author leaves zero question as to whether or not it has a sexual nature but at the same time no graphic on page sex.

Most important thing to remember if reading this is for the first 4 - 6 books just read the story enjoy it and take in the details because they're all relevant at some point but don't even try to really figure it out the pieces will fall into place when the author wants them too and I think everyone figures out different things at different times. I know there were things that I was pretty sure of from the start and then there were other things that later on I was going 'Oh? Really now?' because I'd totally missed it.
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
I've read some YA that I've really liked but I'm not a biggie on it for the most part either and I honestly don't think this is something that's classed as YA. It's just not a story that really has any graphic sexual content, violence yes, sex not so much. It's a pretty amazing story though. I honestly hope you like it enough to see it through to the end because I found the last 2 or 3 stories to be what really pulled it all together and showed the reader the whole story. Let me know how it goes for you either way, ok?
ѦѺ 6 years ago
congrats for making through the series and feeling good about the whole thing! looking forward as well to reading this. :)
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
I really hope you end up liking it. The first part takes a bit of perseverance, not because the writings bad at least I never felt it was but at the end of it all I was definitely glad I stuck it out. It was an incredibly good story.