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7 years ago
Why do publishers put covers on their books that have nothing to do with the content? Why?? Though that sounds like the least of this book's sins.
...Bookfanatic 7 years ago
I'm not sure, I know sometimes it's really frustrating because you read the book and you get left wondering who that person on the cover is? This series is called EMS Heat, which in my world stands for Emergency Medical Services. Firemen are definitely first responders and some of them are also trained as paramedics and I guess the ones that are stationed with firehouses do wear the same turnout gear as firemen, maybe these guys were suppose to be paramedics and I just didn't realize it. Whatever they were suppose to be they were definitely about the only saving grace that I found.

I use to enjoy this series the books were never 5 star reads but they were a cute, sweet read. Honestly I'm hoping that was the last one the author puts out. She really needs to move on from this. I really prefer it when an author ends a series on a high note rather than a sour one.