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Mammarella 6 years ago
nice title for the review :D
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
Thanks, it was kind of weird my brain just kept recycling the song 'Video Killed the Radio Star' and I'm not even sure why. Anyways somewhere in there I came up with 'It wasn't karma that killed the moment' I decided to not think too closely on that one and just go with it.
KatieMc 6 years ago
OMG, #33 in a series, that's dedication. Also, I love your quiz. I hope the right answer is #2...
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
Yes #2 is the correct answer. One of my friends over on GR also made a comment about the number of books and truthfully like I told her. It would probably be more impressive if the books were longer. Most of them are under 100 pages and a lot of times with Carol Lynne's books you can easily count on the last 5 to 10 pages being author bio and book promo stuff and not actual story.