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Hot cars? Wants!
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
No, no you don't because the story is more about the men than the cars which is ok for me but I'm pretty sure this one wouldn't work for you.

I still want the hot cars. I could skip the boring parts - which I'm pretty sure at the exciting parts for you? Or just read something else with hot cars, but I'm definitely in the mood for hot cars now!

It was more a general - wants hot cars now statement.

I didn't realize how badly I wanted it until you mentioned them, though!
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
Yes something else with more about the hot cars. Google is your friend. I actually have a BMW fire engine red parked on the beach picture for my computer wallpaper.
I have Virginia cleaning up after The Grim Reaper :P

And some hot car books somewhere around here...
MMarte 6 years ago
Great review! Sorry it didn't quite rev you engine... ;)
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
Thanks me too. I was so hopeful. I'm a total sucker for The Fast and the Furious and this one held such promise :(