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Bark at the Ghouls 6 years ago
A narrator really can make or break a book. I'm glad you're giving audio's a chance. They are a life-saver for me. I use them for all of the dead spots in life, cooking, cleaning, driving. It took me a while to adjust to them thought. Initially my brain just wouldn't stay focused but eventually I trained my brain to listen and now I am addicted :)
...Bookfanatic 6 years ago
I totally agree I've avoided them for ages now because I happened to win one on a couple of differnt occasions and both times were just epic fails because I just didn't connect with the narrator and I've listened to some samples so I know that there are a couple of series that I like and I will never listen to the audiobooks because the narrator on some of them for me was a nightmare. One that I listened to drove me crazy because it sounded like the narrator was trying not to sing I ended up giggling like a 12 year old over that one.

I just finished listening to one that was narrated by Greg Tremblay and loved it. So I'm definitely feeling more confident about how this is going.