...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
Wow, that's unfortunate. I really don't get why people do shit like that. Whether a person is good or bad has nothing to do with gender, sexual orientation, skin color, ethnicity or any of that and you can't run around screaming foul if you think it's wrong to discriminate against people for any of those reasons and then spout your own version of bigotry and why people don't realize this totally eludes me...except...#CommonSense-TheyHasNone!

Now I'm wondering how much longer I'll be reading this author. I know that just because I read her books doesn't mean that I endorse her beliefs but at the same time I know a lot of wonderful men and by disparaging men in general she's slamming a lot of wonderful people unjustifiably and that really doesn't sit well with me.
...Bookfanatic 5 years ago
No worries. You didn't really spoil my enjoyment of the book, but I do admit this kind of behavior from an author or any adult for that matter is just so makes me sad.

Honestly I'll probably still read this series I've really, really enjoyed it so far and my reviews will be the same focused on the story and why I enjoyed it and really nothing to do with the author other than she wrote the book.