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Mammarella 1 year ago
I get sucked into reading books I know I won't like, too. I also have a shelf "my friend said no". Every time I decide to grab a book from it, I end up with 1 or 2 star rating. Waste of time and money. And yet.... *sigh*
Will check in later for that review :)
...Bookfanatic 1 year ago
I so fell down the rabbit hole on this one. I listened to the audio and while it definitely fell short in the story department...I cannot lie the sex was seriously freakin' hot...I can't disturbed that I can say that...sad, sad puppy :(

I think I should blame this at least in part on Nick J. Russo when it comes to audio books he's one of my favorite narrators and resistance was just futile...yeah, that's it, it's Nick Russo's believe me, right?