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nospin 3 years ago
I love half stars
Me too. Back when I was on GR and people kept asking for half stars, I mentally poo poo'd the idea and thought it was pointless.
Now that I'm using them however, it is acompletely different story :-D
Yeah, I put such a page on my blog a long time ago. But I'm using a 6 star scale, which is why I only get one half-star, 2.5.
What made you go for a 6 star scale?
It's a hybridization of Amazon and GR, Amazon on the lower end, GR on the upper. The Amazon scale allows you not to like something and still not to hate it, and the GR scale allows you a step in between liked and loved.
Portable Magic 3 years ago
I like the idea of adding a page explaining your rating system. My rating system is so subjective that I'm not sure I could really quantify it like this, though.
yeah, I wasn't sure I could quantify it either. So I just sat down for a quite some time and rough outlined it. I re-wrote those descriptions quite a few times before I felt comfortable with the vagueness AND the particulars.
And it is certainly not all encompassing.

I have to say, it really did help me figure out WHY I rate some things the way I do. Sometimes being introspective can be a real pain, but then at times like this, I am glad I am that way :-)
exactly. Stars by themselves are SO subjective that without a review, I don't trust them.
I love the half stars! My ratings are likely not consistent across time but the half stars give me a little more flexibility and I think more accuracy.
yeah, I think the half give a better representation in the long run...