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For some reason this seems to have posted multiple times?
Sadly, this was deliberate. Each comic, volume 1,2,3, have their own book page and for me to keep my "review" number stats accurate, I had to review each book. I have found that if I just "add" a book to a review that it doesn't count as a review for that book. So if I read, rate and review this volume, #1, and add #2&3 as addons, it will only count as 1 review. I know it is very messy and one reason I've not added any individual comics before. But since comics are so short, I have to review story-arcs rather than just an individual comic, if I want anything meaningful from it.

Thank you for checking though. It is NOT a bug :-)
Wow. That is very cumbersome. (Glad it's not a bug, though!)
Cumbersome indeed! :-(