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RedT Reads Randomly 3 years ago
Hey Kate! Glad you're here. So cool to be a newly-wed. Have a super-fun first year, and every year after.
We watch car shows at our house too, and are expectantly waiting for the new show to come out featuring the British Top Gear guys. We watch the American Top Gear guys only if nothing else is on.
See you around.
I do not watch American Top Gear even if nothing else is on!
RedT Reads Randomly 3 years ago
Sarah's Library 3 years ago
Australian Top Gear was pretty dreadful too. If you like Clarkson, Hammond, and May, you won't like our guys.
Hello Kate, nice to meet you -- and congratulations on your wedding! You live in one of my all-time favorite cities. (Cool nickname, too.)

You've probably already seen all those cat posts floating down your feed, so you'll know that books & cats is a pretty well-represented combination here.

Love Jane Eyre as well!
Reading for Sanity 3 years ago
Ooh, I must clarify - we watch British Top Gear! I will edit that in my post. I've only ever seen about 10 minutes of the American one.
Hello Kate! Congrats on the recent wedding, too. :)

I think lots of us have pretty un-finishable TBR lists over here (I also keep mine on Goodreads so it doesn't clutter my Booklikes account *too* much). That's part of the fun, though, no? ;)
Url Phantomhive 3 years ago
I can completely relate to the physics thing. I like science a lot, except for physics. =)
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Hi, Boston Kate! I'm out here in southwestern MA! *waving*
It's nice to "meet" you!

And I LURVE Neil deGrasse Tyson. :)
Reading for Sanity 3 years ago
Hi Char! Nice to meet you too!

Thanks Themis - I have noticed other cat posters. And dog posters as well, but I'll forgive them. ;) Glad you like our city :)

Primroses - I'm glad I'm not the only one with a daunting TBR. And thank you as well for the congratulations. :)

So nice to meet everyone on here!