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Mike Finn 7 years ago
I'm a Wolf fan for the most part, especially "Jacob's Room", but "Orlando" stands out as being her most passionate work. It seems to me that here you finally get to see who Wolfe is. Thanks for the review and for additional material. You've whetted my appetite to go back to Wolfe again.
BrokenTune 7 years ago
It certainly is a passionate work. It was thoroughly enjoyable and for the first time ever with a Woolf novel I was a little sad when it ended.
BrokenTune 7 years ago
I'm really glad I read Orlando, but I'm not sure I'll read more of her books. What's your favourite Woolf novel?
Classical Carousel 7 years ago
Great review! It helps to hear what others appreciated about it. Sadly it is so far probably my least favourite Woolf. I felt like a little bit of a voyeur, as if there were some private jokes or nuances between Vita and her that I just didn't get. I didn't feel that she was writing it for an audience and therefore didn't feel included as a reader. Just my take. Woolf herself said: ""I have written this book quicker than any; and it is all a joke; and yet gay and quick reading, I think; a writer's holiday ...... (it was) begun ..... as a joke: and now rather too long for my liking. It may fall between stools; being too long for a joke, and too frivolous for a serious book."

My favourites are #1 To The Lighthouse, #2 The Voyage Out, #3 Mrs. Dalloway and #4 Orlando. I'm hoping to have the time to read Night and Day soon.
BrokenTune 7 years ago
Yeah, I can see why you felt about it the way you did. To me it explained some of the enigma about Woolf, and, like I said, I love the fact it is meant to be frivolous.

What draws you to her other works?