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buchflimmern 5 years ago
I like your take on reading lists: For one, yours is physical, and it is flexible too! I'm tempted to try the same...
BrokenTune 5 years ago
I can't do rules and strict systems - especially when it's about something that is meant to be enjoyable. What's the point if you can't pick up a book on a whim?
As for lists..... I only lose them. Or need another list to keep track of all my lists. So, that wouldn't work. Also, I like seeing a physical stack of books dwindle over the course of the year. :D

If you do decide to go for a similar system, I hope you post pictures. :)
buchflimmern 5 years ago
Will do ;)
Red Dirt Marijuana. I am going to have to look that one up.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
That's been on my shelf for years - I found it in a secondhand shop together with the other Terry Southern books. It's time I read them. Red Dirt Marijuana is the one I'm most curious about.
This sounds like a good idea. My prob is tha so many of the books on my shelves are from series and they aren't book one.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Yeah, series are harder to cater for, I guess. Do you have a system?
LunaLuss 5 years ago
That's a great challenge. good luck!
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Thank you. :)
Josiehime 5 years ago
Good luck with Mt TBR. That's great you have found a system that seems to be working for you.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Thanks you. :)
a reading life 5 years ago
All best of reading for 2016! I like this idea but my TBR is ridiculous and would probably topple my house ... which is great that 99% of it is electronic :D
BrokenTune 5 years ago
Thanks. I'm not even looking at the electronic TBR. And the stack is just a selection of the physical books that are lying around here - unread.
I love seeing this. I have my own system to control my TBR book pile as well but it also controls my book buying ban system too so I don't over splurge and buy books I won't get around to reading. I have a three tier shelf that is strictly TBR books. Its double stacked and organized by books I get from publishers or authors for review by the date due on one shelf, then books I buy for fun and lastly books that I haven't read yet or want to reread. When the shelf is full I can't buy anymore books until I clear the shelf and I rotate reading books I get in the mail with books I want to read for fun until I get through them all. Because my OCD makes me want to organize them onto my main shelves I'm sure to get through them until I've finished them. Plus it helps me make sure that I know if I'm going to keep or trade /donate a book I did or didn't like so my shelves aren't cluttered with books I don't like or haven't read.If I haven't gotten to a book or haven't finished it by the time i finished a reading cycle clearing all the shelves I get rid of it so I can get one I will read or finish and or like/keep. I have many other systems but that's my main one for TBR books.
BrokenTune 5 years ago
That's a great system, too. Would you agree that it helps to see the physical limitations of the TBR? I.e. I use a pile, you use the available shelf space as a limitation.

How long is a reading cycle for you?
Yeah it helps remind me for times when I get overzealous adding more books than is realistically possible at the time. Adding more books than the shelf can hold is a good way to realize I need to pace myself on my shopping expenses for books and the time period I have to finish a book or a series of books.
(Kind of like for people who go to a food buffet and pile too much food on their plate because their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Odd comparison but it works for me)

I always put my review books from publishers and authors as priority before my fun shelf because if I add too many to my fun shelf I'm not paying attention to responsibilities.
Its not too bad though because I tend to read multiple books at the same time so it doesn't take long to get through.
A reading cycle for me is typically a month to two months for main books I read.
Back burner books as I call them (books I keep pushing to the end of the list or putting behind books I've gotten after that book) can be up to four months. However if I haven't read the back burner book by then I typically know I won't get around to reading it at all so those books typically wind up on my donate/trade/sell/giveaway bin I keep next to my TBR shelf.