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Thanks for posting these options. I'm still considering a move to WordPress, but I'm trying to wait to see how BL shakes out. I'll miss this spot, too, if it goes bust, but I hope we'll all be able to stay in contact. :)
And I just read over in the Bugs Report discussion thread that Leafmarks is shutting down. :(
A Voracious Reader 1 year ago
Yeah, I just got an email that Leafmarks is shutting down. I signed up, but never used it.
GR's my prime, this is my back-up.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
Yup, Leafmarks is shutting down. A notice on main page with a bad link for backing up your data -- click the profile icon then "import/export" if that's not fixed.
markk 1 year ago
Great -- and after all of the effort I spent exporting content from my discussion group into it.
Kitty Horror 1 year ago
I've sent you a GR friend request. :)
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Kitty Horror 1 year ago
learn by going 1 year ago
I recently started a WordPress as well, under the name felonioustongue. I'll follow you over there.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Cool. I'll look up your WP blog when I get home. :)
Awogfli - Bookcroc 1 year ago
:o really I' didn't realize. Oh this is not good because a few Blogposts 30-40 I have only in booklikes. When is BL Apocalypse Day? I have to save my 30 textblogposts like gamesreveiws, reviews of big bookfairs und articles of readings of famous writers
BrokenTune 1 year ago
Oh, no, no, don't panic - there is no scheduled Apocalypse!
However, there have been some strange goings on, some non-responsiveness from BL, and a couple of articles that indicate that BL has been sold.

Read these posts for more info:
Awogfli - Bookcroc 1 year ago
my "Don't panic Towel" (I have really a towel with "Don't Panic" written on it) is since may 26 th in the dirty laundry ;-)
BrokenTune 10 months ago
Ok, great. I'll follow you back when I get home. I seriously need to spend some time on WP. At the moment I only use it to back up posts from Booklikes.
BrokenTune 10 months ago
Have you tried going to Settings > Blog > scroll down to Theme, click Customize > scroll down the sidebar until you see Other URL. Add a link and description. This should add it to your side bar.
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
I set my sidebar links to other sites under the Pages tab of Settings ( ). Change "page type" to "redirect URL."
BrokenTune 9 months ago
When I wrote this, there were some issues with BL being down or really slow and we didn't get much of a response from BL. We still don't know what (if anything) happened. Anyway, no need to panic about BL, but I also wanted a back-up solution for posts and reviews. GR works for reviews and as a book database, but many of my favourite posts are not reviews. So, WP seemed to fit that need.
As far as I can see the very basic WP is free. There is no need to sign up to premium plan unless you want to heavily edit the layout and design of the blog.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
I really like this site. There is always something fun happening. Have you seen the 12 Tasks of the Festive Period posts? ( )

Also, you can get pretty creative with the blog posts on BL. It's good fun, and, yeah, so much better than GR, where I regularly despair over adding pictures and the lack of a community spirit.

This site is much different in that respect. :D
BrokenTune 9 months ago
I hope you have fun with it. At least the 12 tasks are designed so you can use some real life action in them. :)
Every time I'm decide to stay at BL I have an awful experience like today and I'm ready to leave, Ugh!