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Hol 1 year ago
You're enjoying it then? Where are you up to now? I might not be able to reply for a day or two considering my connection problems. I was wondering about the smoking. It only seems to be a thing for Gods etc. Do you think that's related to the unreality people submit to when they smoke? By unreality I mean they ignore the health risks and so on. Obviously I'm thinking about it because I used to be a smoker.
BrokenTune 1 year ago
I finished it on Sunday. I really liked it. It was my second reading of it, but I must admit that I barely remember the first one.

Do many of gods smoke? I had not noticed. Lucy, I thought, may have because it was quite common during the 50s/60s and she was part of an old tv show.

The other notable smoker was Laura. I wondered what she got out of it as I couldn't see how it would have a physical effect on her in her current state. But I guessed it was more of a comfort thing.
Person Of Interest 1 year ago
The discussion of American Gods seemed to die when booklikes-opoly started. :( I had mixed feelings about it. There was definitely a lot to like, and the full cast narration was excellent, but it felt too long in audio.

I also didn't really buy into Gaiman's premise that America was somehow exclusively inhospitable to (old) gods and had turned to secular substitutes. It made for a good story, though. I wonder if he was influenced by Joseph Campbell's work. And I wish there would have been a glossary of the gods/myths he based the characters on.

Did Shadow ever say why he went in on the robbery? I thought there was a vague hint once or twice that Laura had something to do with it.