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Lillelara 4 years ago
Great suggestions :). I definitely have to check out Get Well Soon. Books like these are right up my alley.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Erm, did I not pick this up from your shelf at some point??
Lillelara 4 years ago
Nope, not my shelf ;). Never heard of it before.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Hm, ... Well, then I can't remember where I read about it but the person who's review I read really loved this.
Lillelara 4 years ago
I guess it doesn´t matter where you have found the book, as long as it is a great read, right? :D
Darwin's Ghosts -- that would have been "honorable mention" on my list, except someone else had already proposed it and I was sure someone else would, too. Definitely one I'd like to get around to at some point, though.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I had a hard time cutting the list down! Three of the ones on your list were very hard to leave off here - the one about Max Planck, Aladdin's Lamp, and The Age of Wonder.
Yes, talk about confining yourself to 10 books ... :)

"Forensics" would have been another obvious hot contender for my list, too -- I briefly wondered whether people would be up for that sort of thing, but then again, Roach figures prominently on some of the other lists, too, so ... sure! Bring it on!

I think Susanna said she'd be happy to reread "The Age of Wonder" (and hadn't MbD put that one onto her list as well?)

Max Planck is someone I've been planning to read more about ever since I put together a "Science Nobel Prize" list (or some such thing) way back when on Goodreads. Ditto Einstein (duh), Marie Curie and Albert Schweitzer, but I didn't want to make it all biographies of scientists, so thought I'd go for the one which most obviously is not just a straight biography.

"Aladdin's Lamp" in my mind is a sort of double bill with "The Abacus and the Cross" -- though that may be just a bit of an oversimplification.

Oh well. Decisions, decisions!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I looked at The Abacus and the Cross, too, but decided against it - so many other books...
Yes, I'd be quite happy to reread Age of Wonder.
I'm beginning to see several consensus candidates cropping up ...

Question: Should we maybe put together a comprehensife reading list from everybody's suggestions?
BrokenTune 4 years ago
OK. I'm too close to bedtime right now, but I'll see about it some time soon.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I'm reading my dashboard from the top down - so if you put together a post, Themis, I haven't gotten to it yet, and oh boy I'm gonna be in trouble when I do. I'm gonna need a bigger house.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
Also the comprehensive list would be awesome - I'm happy to work on it with you if that makes sense / makes it easier.

Forensics seems to be a popular choice so far, as does Storm in a Teacup. I'm all for a Roach book (the author, NOT the critter), I just don't know which title to start with. Darwin's Ghost I've almost bought twice now, so I could easily be swayed to read that as well.

We should definitely mention if anyone repeats a book we'd have on our lists - it will make finding the most common ones easier.
Alright, here is the list:

Taking into account all suggestions and comments to date, the most votes so far seem to have gone to Mary Roach's "Gulp" (8 votes), with "Storm in a Teacup" and "The Disappearing Spoon" coming in second (tied at 7 votes each) and Val McDermid's "Forensics" and Rebecca Stott's "Darwin's Ghosts" tied for 3d place (5 votes each)..

Note: For vote tabulation, I've added up every time the books were included in the various suggestion lists, plus every endorsement of the books in discussion comments. In the latter instance, I haven't made a distinction between glowing endorsements and simple statements of interest -- that sort of thing tends to get messy (is "I'd probably read it" only 3/4 of an endorsement? What level of interest constitutes 1/2 of a vote, what 1/4 of a vote? etc.) ... and obviously, a given person's endorsement of a given book only counts once, even if it's repeated elsewhere, e.g. in the comments section of another suggestion list.

Also, in Roach's case, several people said that they're interested in pretty much every- or anything by her, without specifically mentioning "Gulp": I counted those voices as votes for "Gulp," as it's the only book by Roach that has *specifically* been suggested.

Now, the above obviously is an informal tally and since you guys -- at least some of you -- are still busy reading "The Invention of Nature", should people have time to vote for books until the current group read is over, or do we call the dice "cast" here and now? Should we formalize the vote in some fashion (e.g., scratch the informal tally and ask everyone who's interested in participating to name their top 3 or top 5 candidates instead and then only consider those votes?)

In any event, I'd strongly suggest centralizing the voting and related discussion somewhere -- either in the aggregated book list's comments section or in a dedicated thread in the discussion group. Currently, the discussion is spread out over several places (all the posts with book suggestions, plus the thread in the discussion group where several people have suggested books), and it's getting somewhat unwieldy tracking down and counting votes -- not least, because some books are being discussed in several places simultaneously (and endorsed by some of the same people in those different places), so it's a bit of a job to make sure votes are not being double-counted.
@MbD: I notice you're spot-on with the top 5 selections so far ... the 4 you mentioned, plus "The Disappearing Spoon," which you've already read! :D
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I'd keep the vote open for a bit longer. We're still reading The Invention of Nature and there may be some other BL who may not have seen the discussions of future Science Group Reads, yet.

Thank you very much for compiling the books and votes. :)
No problem!

And re: Keeping the vote open for a while longer, that's my personal feeling, too, yes.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
OMG, Themis-Athena you are the BEST!!! Thank you so much for doing that. I was, honestly, sort of dreading it. :)

The book club has a voting function, so what I suggest (and I'll repeat this suggestion in the book club proper so nobody misses it), is that we use these top 5 books to create a voting list from (and a few others, if we'd like) and start a formal vote that way. The voting function is a rolling vote, it's not a begin/end poll, so we can use the three highest voted books to schedule the first three reads and then keep rolling new books onto the voting list for future lists (or take them off if they get no love at all).

I'd like to not start the voting though, until later this week, when we're closer to finishing our current book. I think it would confuse people if we gave the group a facelift while actively reading a book.

How does that sound to y'all?
No problem -- it was fun actually. Voting function is fine -- for all else, see responses in the discussion group thread!
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I would TOTALLY re-read The Disappearing Soon; it was really good and there was definitely enough there that a re-read would be a good idea.
Yes, same here.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I've just checked out Demon Under the Microscope and I'm in for that one too!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I must admit that was drawn to The Disappearing Spoon. It reminded me of A is for Arsenic a little. I love that book.

Demon under the Microscope could be equally fun.
Lillelara 4 years ago
I overlooked The Disappearing Spoon yesterday. How could I? I´m always interested in non-fiction books about chemistry and medicin, so you can (almost) always count me in for these reads.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
I really enjoyed it - if I remember right, it's slightly denser than A is for Arsenic, but still very entertaining.
Oh yes, "A is for Arsenic" ... another one that almost would have made my list ... And if "The Disappearing Spoon" is similar, I'd be interested in that one, too.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
A is for Arsenic is fabulous.
A is for Arsenic did not make my list because I've just finished it! Quite good.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
It's a GREAT book (and same here as SusannaG; I've read it already so I didn't put in on my list).