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"Vera" is rather depressing, I think -- so, at least in parts, is "Portrait of a Lady". Not sure that matches up easily with daily car commute?

OTOH, I've recently listened to a recording of "The Moonstone" that had different actors reading the various different parts of the narration, which worked rather well (Naxos CD, though, not Librivox).
BrokenTune 12 months ago
I'm kinda drawn to Vera, and considering some of the aspects of the working week "rather depressing" might offer an uplifting perspective on office drama. ;)

Was the Moonstone audio a straight narration or was it a dramatisation?
Oh, dear. If "Vera" is uplifting as compared to office drama ... geez. :(

"The Moonstone" was narration -- just with different voices for the book's different narrators. (Clive Swift as Betteridge and Bill Homewood as (inter alia) Sgt. Cuff, plus Delia Paton as Miss Clack, Chris Larkin as Franklin Blake, and Neville Jason doing the honors for Mathew Bruff and Ezra Jennings.) I'd have bought it for Neville Jason alone -- I love his audio performances -- but all of them did really rather well IMHO. It's an abridged version, though, so if you're going for unabridged, this might not work for you.

ETA: Hah. Just saw your comment on "Woman in White." Well, in that case an abridged version might be just the ticket ... (and don't worry, the story is still easy to follow; the abridgement is well enough done for that).
BrokenTune 12 months ago
That sounds like a great way to structure the audiobook. I take it that The Moonstone has a setup that is similar to TWIW where the narrator changes after every couple of chapters. I really liked that about TWIW.

I'll go for the unabridged version, tho. I'm not keen on abridged versions.
Darth Pony 12 months ago
I loved Moonstone and hated Portrait. I'm not familiar with the other two. I think Moonstone would lend itself well to commute listening.
markk 12 months ago
I second the recommendation for "The Moonstone." It's a great novel with a decent mystery at the center.
BrokenTune 12 months ago
The only thing that keeps me from going with The Moonstone is my memory of The Woman in White which was fun to start with and then just dragged on and on and on and on ... which is difficult to bear if you care little for the main characters.
markk 12 months ago
"The Moonstone" is MUCH better than "TWiW." Admittedly "The Moonstone" drags a little in the middle, but the changing narrative perspective Collins uses helps and it doesn't have a godawful "deus ex machina" ending like "TWiW."
Char's Horror Corner 12 months ago
I'm for The Moonstone as well. :)
Lillelara 12 months ago
I would say Vera.. But it´s really rather depressing.

For a non-depressive read I would go for The Moonstone.
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Thank you all. :D

I'm planning on reading them all, but I'll start with The Moonstone. Vera to follow after.
Murder by Death 12 months ago
I have The Moonstone in print, but I think you've all convinced me to make it my next audio read instead, once I'm finished with Sherlock Holmes. Always assuming, of course, I can find a decent edition of the audio here in the land that audio rights forgot. :P
BrokenTune 12 months ago
Oh? No audiobooks? I'll start this one tomorrow. I'll let you know if the librivox version is any good. :D
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Just checked and no, my library has NO moonstone editions on audio. I might have some stray Audible credits and maybe Audible has a decent edition...

I'm not entirely sure what the reasons are, but fully 70% of the audio books available in the UK and US aren't available here. It purely drives me crazy.
Where's "here"?
Murder by Death 12 months ago
Ah! I found one on audible - unabridged Naxos production. Yay!
Murder by Death 12 months ago
@Arbie - Australia.