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Obsidian Blue 3 weeks ago
Nice. What square did you read this for again?
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Darkest London! Most of the story is set in London. :)
Obsidian Blue 3 weeks ago
Book Cupidity 3 weeks ago
Great review - and insightful. Your closing paragraph especially helped me decide if I'd like to pursue this book.
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Well, I am glad you found it helpful. :)
High marks to Tey for that tea quote at the end of your review alone! :)

I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of her work soon, too.
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Me, too. I have a feeling there is much goodness to be discovered.

Btw, I have just found out that I missed a Tey event in Inverness in July that was hosted by the University of the Highland and Islands. So gutted! :(
Oh, drat ... :(
Murder, She Reads 3 weeks ago
This review makes me curious about the book. :)
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Mischief managed. ;)
There is a series out there featuring Tey as an amateur sleuth of sorts. I don't recommend it.
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Yes, the series by Nicola Upson. I have started the first one - An Expert in Murder - and am really enjoying it so far.

What did you think of it? What's making you not recommend it? I'm intrigued.
I liked this significantly less than you did - I think a version is out now that replaces "dago" with something less insulting. (I, however, had the dagoes.)
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
I had "Dago" all the way through. It was jarring at first but she used it so often that I really suspected she was over-using it intentionally.
Person Of Interest 3 weeks ago
Interesting review, BT. Did you happen to read the Vanity Fair article by Francis Wheen?
BrokenTune 3 weeks ago
Thanks. I hadn't read the Vanity Fair article, but have remedied this a few minutes ago. Interesting article. So maybe I am not that far off with my notion that she intended to mock the mystery genre?

I have ordered the biography that Wheen mentions from the library already. I have high hopes for it, but am somewhat puzzled what Ms Henderson could have dug up about someone who obviously made some great effort to remain private.
Person Of Interest 2 weeks ago
That's the impression I got from the article, and I had the same thought about writing a biography.