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5 years ago
You didn't hate it, so that's good!
I wanted to take a moment to say that if I haven't previously recommend McDowell's Blackwater series, it's because they were not readily available. I believe it's next month that it will finally be available and all in one volume. This is a story about a matriarchal family and what happens when a strange comes into their midst. It's more about family dynamics than anything else-lots of scheming and that type of thing, but with a central mystery and only 1 or 2 upsetting scenes. I think you would really enjoy it as it contains much of what you seem to like and little of what you don't. :)
BrokenTune 5 years ago
No, no, you have recommended it and it is on my list. I just figured I'd start with shorter stand-alones before starting a series. :D
But I am sold on McDowell as a whole. I love his writing. It seems effortless, and yet, it is pitch-perfect. The only gripe I had with Stepmother is that some of the TSTL characters took the TSTL to the extreme. Literally.

But at the same time, I thought Eric on the boat was reminiscent of Ripley. ;) The staircase scene was tough to read, tho, and I thought the book could have done without it.