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Hahaha, oh, I loved those screenshots from the movie! Well, good to know the book is actually worth a visit, too ...
BrokenTune 8 months ago
Hehe. There are a couple of other Wallace classics I want to revisit, too. I only wish I could find that Samstag Nacht Kinski/Hamster scene somewhere.
Oooohhhh -- good luck searching!
Lillelara 8 months ago
Gert Fröbe playing a mad man ... perfection :D. Great review, BT. At some point I have to pick up a Wallace book myself. And I want to rewatch the movie.
BrokenTune 8 months ago
The film really suffers after reading the book. They tried to pack in sooooooo much information that the only way they could do it was by revealing some of the background very early on. It then seems like the story just jumps around a lot. The book has a slow build - and jumps around, too - but it is such good fun.