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Angela Lansbury seems a perfect Madame Arcati.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
She was! Tho, Rutherford was perfect, too. But I have a feeling that the part was actually written for her.
Person Of Interest 4 years ago
I've seen the Rex Harrison film and liked it.
My high school did this play my brother's senior year. He was Charles and our sister was Elvira. Got a little awkward but it's a cute play.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
LoL. What a great choice for a senior year play. I can see the awkwardness... Such fun, tho.
Oh, this play is great fun.
Linda Hilton 4 years ago
I played Madame Arcati once. Community theatre back in Indiana. I could write a book about THAT experience. =0
I'll bet you could! I spent my late teens and early twenties as a member of my village amateur dramatics society. It was an eye-opener for sure.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
hehe, I bet you both could!
I knew the resident anthropologist at my university pretty well, and he was interested in superstitions. I told him to try backstage at plays - we had some humdingers in the productions I was involved with. There was one group that insisted on signing the resident ghost in every night. Another had hysterics every time you accidentally said "MacBeth" instead of "The Scottish Play," and would make you A. apologize to the director, and B. shoot salt over your shoulder three times, and then walk around the theater building counterclockwise.