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Of course you always choose the dragon. Particularly in anything linked to China! (Says a dragon in the Chinese zodiac ...)

Eh, and there I was thinking that maybe, just maybe I ought to have a look at this one, too ...
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Erm, it was written really well and the ghostly aspect, the folklore setting were essentially was not much more than a love triangle romance, and, in the end, I would even say it was one that fits a lot of cliches about romance novels (those that a lot of romance novel readers and writers may get upset about when one points them out)... And I can't say more about that without spoiling the plot/characters.
Yes, it's precisely the love triangle that's putting me off. I'm not a big romance reader to begin with, and it really takes Jane Austen for me to appreciate and even (gasp) approve of the use of a love triangle AT ALL.
BrokenTune 4 years ago
I hear ya. Seriously, if the romance aspect had been less of a focus (and the MC had spent less time mooning over those two characters...), I would have given this 4*. The only reason I gave it 3* instead of 2* was because the writing and setting was great.