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She eventually got to murders X, Y and Z...
BrokenTune 4 years ago
hehe. Considering there are quite a few references to other Poirot books in this one (including Curtain!), I would have loved for her to have written a follow-up with the actual "x, y, z" in the title.
Murder by Death 4 years ago
Oh man, your life sucks! ;-) I hope you thoroughly enjoy your holiday and that it's fabulous weather from start to end. More pictures as you go please?

Happy reading too!
Oh yes! More holiday pics!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Erm, we'll see. I haven't taken many pics, yet, as it's been fun just sitting back and watching the world go by, even when visiting different towns.
Enjoy your Spanish ABC (arena, bebida y ... Christie :D). Looks very relaxing!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
LoL. Spanish ABC indeed. :D
Tannat 4 years ago
You'll share us? j/k. Have fun!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Evidently, my brain was fried from all the sun and couldn't decide what to write...
4 years ago
It looks beautiful! Hope you have a GREAT time!
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Thanks, Char. It's been fun so far.
sherrysniderfundin 4 years ago