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...also, palm trees!
It can be such fun reading things "in situ", yes! :) Is there still an early 20th century hotel such as the one Christie describes in her short story, or has modern tourism taken over entirely?
BrokenTune 4 years ago
The hotel that Christie based Parker Pyne's digs on still exists. It's the Illa d'or, but it is thoroughly modern now. Still looks classy, but it is a bit further away from the main Pollença harbour front.
Cool! Yes, I gathered from Christie's description that it wasn't dead center -- somehow, the hotels she favored never were (same for the Torbay hotel on which she based Poirot's digs in "Peril at End House" ... and of course "End House" itself; that whole stretch of hotels and palatial houses is way off Torquay's main harbour front). The seclusion of the very rich ...
BrokenTune 4 years ago
Actually, I was surprised that it is off from the main row of hotels. The story isn't about murder and actually relies on lots of people mingling.

But then, yeah, Christie would not have chosen a lesser hotel than this one.