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Person Of Interest 9 months ago
I was wondering how the Tey bio was going. Good to see you're finding it interesting. :)

I'm always a bit surprised by the high quality of education many people did receive historically. Sometimes I think it was more extensive and well rounded than our modern education is.
Agreed. People seemed to genuinely *care* about education more, too.
BrokenTune 9 months ago
@ POI: I'm really liking the Tey book. Henderson seems to have done some proper research. It's not just a repeat of previous books (there aren't many!) but she actually interviewed people who knew her, and her family allowed Henderson access to letters and documents. It probably is as good a biography as I could have wished for. She also doesn't just list the biographical dates but also gives opinions, which seem to be well founded, and tells of where her hunches have been proven wrong by her research. I'm really impressed by it. There is one criticism I have, but I may be proved wrong by the book, yet, so I'm not going into detail about that just now. :D

@POI & TA: It's a shame that this hasn't prevailed, isn't it. It appears that the mere regurgitating of dates, names, and principles seems to demand more focus nowadays than teaching students to research and question and think.
Yes. And, as PoI indicated, topicality / flavor of the day / month / year seems to be taking precedence over giving students a solid knowledge basis first (which would then also provide some context for the flavor of the day / month / year topics to be discussed).