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Obsidian Blue 6 days ago
Great I'll update sometime tomorrow about this. Sorry all, middle or work travel.
Murder by Death 6 days ago
Ok, I have to ask... is the baron wearing any pants??!!

Congrats on both the black out AND the second bingo! ::confetti::
Ani's Book Abyss 6 days ago
Okay... now I can't stop looking at the Baron and wondering the same thing... O.o

Also, congrats Broken Tune!!
BrokenTune 5 days ago
I was wondering at what point someone was going to ask. I'm surprised it took that long. ;D
Murder by Death 5 days ago
Well??!! lol...
BrokenTune 5 days ago
Well, I have no intention of putting a stop to your imagination running riot. ;D
Murder by Death 5 days ago
Evil! You are evil! lol... ;-D
Congratulations! Let the rest of the gang fill the card now ...
BrokenTune 5 days ago
Thanks All.
Linda Hilton 5 days ago
Whoo hoo! Yay on the blackout!
BrokenTune 4 days ago
Woohoo indeed. And I see you're now on the way to bingo glory, too. ;)
Congrats on the blackout!
BrokenTune 4 days ago
Thank you. :)